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Church History

Church history

  The Lamb of Life Baptist Church was created under the guidance and leadership of Rev. Michael W. Hopkins in June, 1994. A group of sixteen believers came together in unity to establish a name for the church, elect officers, and determine a location to begin the work of service to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The first official worship service was held on the 4th Sunday in June 1994 in the Chapel at the Good Shepherd Baptist Church. The church was officially set apart in November 1994 by Pastor Robert Hunt, Good Shepherd Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland. In September 2000, God blessed the church to be able to purchase the church building located at 4 N. Broadway. While the building was not in the best condition, the church was able to renovate the sanctuary and lower level fellowship hall.  

In July 2009, Pastor Michael W. Hopkins went serve as Pastor of the Third Baptist Church in Washington, DC.  As the founder of Lamb of Life Baptist Church, Pastor Hopkins did not want to leave the church without a Shepherd.  After much prayer, meditation, and the Holy Spirit’s guidance, he called upon Bishop Walter S. Thomas, Pastor-New Psalmist Baptist Church and Presiding Prelate of Kingdom Association of Covenant Pastors (KACP) for candidates to consider for the Pastorate.

After the formal candidacy process and church election, God called Dr. Vanessa D. Booth, to be the second pastor of the Lamb of Life Baptist Church. Dr. Booth became the official Pastor on the first Sunday in September 2009. Dr. Booth became the official Pastor on the first Sunday in September 2009, and she was duly installed on September 19, 2010. 

Since becoming Pastor, Dr. Booth has grown the membership significantly and reestablished the traditional services of the church that was absent for several years. Dr. Booth implemented an Education Ministry, Parenting Program, Outreach Ministry, Recovery Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Diaconate Ministry, Ministry Training School, and Praise Team Ministry. Plans are in progress to implement additional ministries and program as God continues to bless.